My name is Travis Baldree. I’m the President and one of the engineers at Runic Games, over here. During the day, I’ve been working on stuff like Torchlight and Torchlight 2. Maybe you’ve heard of ‘em?

Anyway, this comic has nothing to do with that! I just wanted to draw a comic. Notably, when SimCity failed to let me connect and I got annoyed. But then, it was so much fun, that I decided to try to keep doing it.

So, thanks, SimCity – for being down!

I have no idea how often I’ll update, or whether I’ll settle into a regular schedule, or some horrible arrhythmic series of updates. Or what I’ll write about. Or if I’ll throw away the characters. Or stick with four panes or three. Or use crayons again. Or really, anything.

I’m just gonna do whatever I feel like.

There may be a high degree of game/nerd stuff going on, because that’s my day job. But I don’t think I’ll stick to that.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Why did you read this, anyway?