So, I have an unexpected reaction to this Shroud of the Avatar Kickstarter (unexpected to me, anyway!)

Let me get this out of the way. I loved the Ultimas, and played the crap out of them. Ultima VI is still my most favoritest.

But, I’m watching the interview, and all I can think is – Holy crap! Richard Garriott can afford to fly to space, but he is asking for players to help fund his game.


Look, I think Kickstarter is great. The idea of games and projects that would otherwise NEVER be made getting funding is amazing. That’s why things like the Torment project, and Wasteland 2, and the Double Fine Adventure are so compelling. You know those guys don’t have the cash to do it, and can’t convince anyone WITH cash to help them, and so they turn to players, who know the score.

But this? I’m pretty sure Richard Garriott has a couple of million extra dollars hanging around.

If he wanted not to be out of pocket, he could go get investment – but those investors would want a little something in return – and you can bet it wouldn’t be a ‘free’ copy of the game or a tour of his house.


On a totally different, art related note. I upgraded to Photoshop CS6 (I did the Cloud subscription) and I bought Frenden’s pencil and pen brush set.

Oh my god the combination is amazing. Sketching and inking is a billion times smoother and more fun.

Just, wow. If you do any Photoshop work at all, grab those babies.