Bad layoff announcements make me really, really angry.

This one, from Activision, is particularly terrible.

They don’t even bother to express any sympathy for the people being let go, nor do they assume any responsibility as a corporate entity. They don’t even THANK THEM for their work, even though they just completed  shipping the game. Just awful.

The first line is “Activision Publishing consistently works to align its costs with its revenues – this is an ongoing process”.

What does that even mean? They haven’t RECEIVED any revenue from this game yet. And who makes the revenue projections that are presumably inaccurate? It sure isn’t the people who were just laid off.


Contrast that with this one from Square Enix, where they at least bother to call the situation unfortunate, and thank those let go for their hard work and ‘sincerely wish them well’.

Activision’s release is incredibly un-classy. They should be ashamed of it.


Art-wise, just a black and white today. Running short on time. Still playing around with those stylistic changes. (Will I ever finish? Who knows).

I have some strange ideas of things I may do with the strip. They make no sense. But I suppose that now is a good time to do them.