So, I’ve been planning to start introducing other characters for a while, but just haven’t gotten to it.

Now I have.

Expect the dog to return, and for it to get a name.

(Still have a comic upcoming that introduces THESE two characters, among other things)

I actually wrote this comic once a week ago and threw it away, because I hated it. I’m glad I did.

STILL playing around with art style, but I think I’m getting closer.

This time out I’m playing more with adding bits and bobs of texture with ink marks, and then a more subtle (foreground) grain than I have been doing. I’m also separating out the grain into foreground and background to help pop the characters a little more.

Also, instead of painting in shadows, I’m trying highlights instead, which I think I like (although, hell, maybe I’ll try both.)

Further character design evolution today as I try stuff out and keep what I like and throw away what I hate.

Thanks for reading! :)