Digital detox is hard, even just a daily reduction.

It doesn’t help that I’m naturally restless and have to be doing, doing, doing all the time. I get depressed if I’m not trying to finish some project. I always feel like there’s some clock ticking down the remaining time I have to accomplish anything. It’s maddening.

Fiddling with a phone or an iPad or my email or a website or,or,or has become a sort of crutch to escape that restless need. But maybe too much of one.


Art wise – so, I’ve pretty obviously been fiddling with the proportions and makeup of the characters very, very rapidly as the strip develops (it’s really easy to notice the changes if you scoot back more than one strip at a time ).

I’m trying to nail down those proportions a little more in my head with this strip, and also playing with a color method for dailies that is less time-consuming and involves more whitespace (rather like a traditional print strip ).

I’m also trying to make myself play with variable panel sizes more often.

This strip also does not use any lighting effects – all flat, for a simpler, cleaner look.

Again, just a bunch of sequential experiments in look and feel that I’m sorry you all have to suffer through :)

Tomorrow is Sunday Strip day!