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*Sigh* Come on. I know it’s being said for press value and everything, but seriously. Why would you ever say anything like that? Especially if you haven’t been active in the business for YEARS, and pretty obviously haven’t been playing recent titles?

There is a resurgence of artist-programmer-designer hybrids now, just like there were back when Garriott was king. The mobile space made that possible again because of the new design constraints and the lowered media fidelity expectations for the platforms.

You can go out onto your iPhone or Android and see tons of innovative new designs made by people who can program and do art, or both.

It’s a silly statement to make that most game designers suck and are lazy, especially when you’re calling them out for ‘not moving the needle’ while you make a throwback game that cherry-picks ideas from other MMOs.

And so I made an equally silly and ridiculous comic about it.



Art-wise, this was just a quickie today. I’m tired, and so it isn’t the most dynamic or interesting.

I did, however, decide to try caricaturing people using MY characters to see how it worked out. Jury’s out.