So, John Ricitiello is stepping down at the end of the month as CEO of EA.

A lot of people seem to be pretty happy about this – however, I think this happiness is very, very misplaced.

John isn’t stepping down because of the technical, logistical, or PR issues with Sim City, or because you didn’t like the ending of Mass Effect, or because of the sea change toward microtransactions at EA.

He’s stepping down because EA isn’t doing as well financially as they had hoped.

They’re going to replace him.

And when they do, the number one most important thing they’re going to care about as shareholders is – ‘How will this new CEO make us more money?’

And the answers that they are going to come up with are not going to be answers that you will like.

So, when CEOs don’t meet their performance targets, yeah, they should step down.

But in this case, I don’t think it’s cause to cheer, really.

The New Boss won’t be the same as the Old Boss.

I imagine we’ll wish he was though.



Art-wise, I’m trying to marry those stronger lines and deeper blacks back to color. I think it worked sort of OK. I’m kind of happy with how this strip turned out, overall.

On a suggestion from the QT3 boards, I’ve also tried to fiddle my balloons so that they give the text more breathing room. They also now have a more organic look as a result.

Thanks for reading!

See you tomorrow-