So, I remain boggled by both Windows 8 and the Surface Pro.

I really just can’t see how anyone ever thought this was a good idea – either on the hardware OR the software side. It’s a machine and an OS for nobody.

So, let’s say I want to use Windows on the go. I use it for business. I type. I use Excel. I’m an engineer. I code. Whatever.

So, a Surface Pro lets me take along a keyboard so that I can snap them together and type. Sort of like a laptop.

But not as good.

Because I can’t put it on my lap.

Or! Or! I could just go get a Macbook Air, dump Windows 7 on it, and be good to go. And it would, you know, be a workable laptop with amazing hardware.

Let’s say that for some mind-boggling reason I LIKE the idea of assembling my machine on the fly so that I can type awkwardly at a fixed angle. Maybe I like discomfort and inconvenience. You never know.

So, I get my Surface, and I put Windows 8 on it, and now I have two OSes, basically. One that makes me touch the screen with my grubby fingers, and another that wants me to use a touchpad. Wow. How useful. I can now switch between two different styles of navigation depending on what I’m running. This sounds great! It’s like using a mouse and a touchpad at the same time. Why would anyone do this?

Moreover, because it’s still basically running plain old desktop mode, when I DO try to use desktop mode with my fingers, it’s awful. Because they didn’t redesign desktop mode for touch.

Why does this exist?

Why didn’t they make a touchscreen OS and a desktop OS and figure out a way to merge them later?

Why on earth does an assemblable laptop with hybrid controls sound like a good idea to anyone anywhere ever?

The main thing it has going for it is a Wacom digitizer – just think! A cheap, portable Cintiq! Pretty cool, no?

Too bad the pressure sensitivity doesn’t work in Photoshop. Whoops!

Can you imagine the sort of ads Apple would make if they developed a portable computer that let you draw and sketch like a portable sketchbook?

Microsoft doesn’t even mention the damn functionality.

Why would a developer MAKE anything for this? To make an app that works for the exclusive touchscreen mode AND the desktop, you have to have TWO SKUS! Ridiculous. Why do I want to ship two different products just so my users can switch between fullscreen and windowed at will? (because in touchscreen mode, you can’t go Windowed, don’t you know. Even though the OS is actually named ‘Windows’)

If the OS was at least anchored to one user experience or the other, at least I could choose one to target. But no. It has to work on BOTH – desktop and slate.


The staggering amounts of cash that have been poured into this awful, awful thing just boggles my mind.



Art-wise, I’m thinking of trying a big Sunday strip this weekend. I have a gag and story worked out.

A lightning bolt hit me and I’ve sort of figured out what the ‘world’ is these guys are living in, and how it fits together, and that should start coming through more in the strips as I go along. It also gave me lots of ideas for mechanics and objects and situations that should be fun to play with.

Also, I’m considering doing half the week in color, and half in black and white. Color is time consuming. Right now a strip takes about two and a half to three hours to do, and a good hour of that is coloring and shading. (And I’m doing these after work seven days a week right now!)
The other advantage to doing a few more black and whites is that I can improve my linework and inking more – the weights have to sell the scene if there’s no color to pick up the slack.

Anyway, that’s my tentative thought. if you hate the idea, email me!

Thanks again for reading.


Addendum. So, I’ve got comments turned off. Maybe I should turn them on?

Would anybody use them? Did anybody even read this far? If you feel strongly about having a comments section, lemme know via email. Thanks!