I often find myself wishing there was some sort of big-kid’s club for playing games online.

I want to become a member of some global group that have mutually agreed to act like adults, and as a result, they get to play games without all the added garbage designed to keep players from screwing one another.

Obviously anonymity breeds asses, and there’s not much you can do about it.

But it’d be great if there ¬†was a cross-title service for players who have never cheated and been banned in any game that subscribes to the service.

God, I’d be a member.

As a developer, the onus is always on you to fill in all the chinks where somebody can wedge things open and break the games for others. It’s really unique to online games. Any other form of entertainment involving multiple people? You just make the rules and rely on gamesmanship and in-person involvement to keep things on track.


Art-wise, not much new today, just continuing to try to do new expressions, poses, and angles. I continue to play around with how I handle backgrounds, and how I chain dialog together with bubbles and splashes. There are a few of these strips where I feel the dialog is too hard to follow.

It’s possibly all too DENSE too – I should probably work on paring down wordcounts as well. One of the reasons I chose four panels was to accommodate my wordiness. Maybe a bad idea!

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