It struck me watching all the news about the new Pope’s election during lunch. All the little ceremonies and hats and brouhaha, and even non-Catholics watch it, and most of them pretend to have a real interest in it.

And then it reminded me of Groundhog Day. A big ceremony, and everybody waits for the groundhog to come out, and hooray! We all pretend that it is going to make some sort of substantive difference in the world. Longer winter, eh? Thanks Phil!

And then I imagined Bill Murray getting elected Pope, and having to do it over and over again. Cold water in the Papal Shower. What would be playing on his clock radio? Is Ned Ryerson a bishop?

About that time, the train of thought derailed and hit a cow, but, well, there was enough to do a comic, anyway.



Art-wise, continuing my efforts to draw positions and situations and angles I wouldn’t normally do. I’m trying very hard not to use rubber-stamp poses. I would really like the strip to feel organic and handmade and, for lack of a better term, ‘warm‘.

I got a few pings yesterday that I should stick with mascots over humans.

I AM going to introduce a human or two to the strip. I have a couple of characters I want to slowly add in when it makes sense. Mostly I need them in order to do certain types of jokes, humor, and observations that weird little monsters with no family members or obvious ages can’t do. I think they can work well together though. I can see it in my head.


Thanks to those of you who dropped by to read while I stumble around!