Let me preface this by saying that I own every Infinity Engine game, even Lionheart. And the iPad version of BGEE. And another version of most of them on GoG, so that I don’t have to dig out my CDs.

Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition on the iPad is rad, and you should go buy it right now.

You know you’ve met this guy or gal. They bemoan the fact that the sort of games they love don’t come around anymore, that they’re never approved by big publishers, that if they DO get made, they’re riddled with compromises for a casual crowd.

They also loudly proclaim that they’ll wait for a sale on Steam the moment one of those games comes out.

Everyone isn’t this way. Obviously, not YOU.

The funny thing is, if you want a genre or type of game to succeed, it’s helpful to support it. If you really care about it anyway.

You don’t have to.

There’s no binding agreement.

But if you DO care about it, and it’s a big deal to you, it’s always worth considering that, you know, buying it somewhere in the vicinity of launch does really help.

Also consider – most of the amazing developers out there whose games you love at one point or another made TERRIBLE GAMES in those genres.

But somebody bought some of those games, and those developers stuck around in the genre, and lived to improve and become better designers, artists, and engineers.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not proposing that everyone blindly run out and buy terrible games, just because of their genre.

But I can think of a lot of games that I ALMOST love, that were ALMOST truly great. I liked those games despite their warts. Many of the studios that made those games are gone.

Food for thought.



Art-wise, I borrowed a Cintiq to do this one.

It was amazing.

That is all.