Search your feelings. You know it to be true.

A few months ago I began to really notice a strain on the right side of my neck, and finally figured out that it’s because I was sitting staring at my phone in my right hand on the bus all the time.

I try never to pull my phone out when traveling anymore, and am struggling hard not to pull it out when I’m getting bored.

It IS nice to see the world again. It’s weird the little things you notice – and even weirder when you realize you used to notice them all the time.

Not to be preachy. To each their own. But it’s been good for me to put the thing back in my pocket more often.


On the art front, I’m trying hard to use physical poses that I don’t repeat from comic to comic, and more than that, to use perspective (as in panel 2). It’s always harder, but that was one of the things I admired most about Watterson. He knew his characters so well, he could draw them any which way he wanted, and as a result, he got the most amazing angles into his work. I’d love to be able to do even a quarter of that level of scene mobility.