Well, after complaining a lot about broken games and launch woes, I figured I might as well do a comic about the flip side.

It really is incredible the degree of ire a bad game launch or failure to live up to expectations can have. Not because it’s strange that people get angry when something doesn’t turn out the way they like, or has awful problems – what’s strange is that they aren’t so angry if they have to do anything about it in person.

How many times has some expensive meal or service you paid for turned out awful, but because you would have had to complain to somebody’s face, you said ‘nah, it’s fine?’

Just one of those things.

Also, drawing somebody putting on a coat is friggin’ hard. Doubly so if they don’t really have joints, per-se, and can’t reach all the way across their torso. That panel looks terrible! I guess you’re not growin’ if you’re not failin’, right?